Dear alumni and friends,

Hand-waves on Gallaudet University's 150th anniversary! It is a historical event marking a century and a half of deaf people elevating themselves through higher education. A year-long celebration is happening on campus, and you're invited to be part of it.

I hope you know how important your support is to such a milestone. When I came to Gallaudet in 1965, I did so because an educator took an interest in ensuring I had the opportunity to earn a college degree. When I studied for my doctoral degree at New York University, the Gallaudet alumni-supported Graduate Fellowship Fund helped make financing my studies possible. This year, I'm thrilled and honored to be named one of Gallaudet's Visionary Leaders. Such an honor would not have been possible without the support of people like you and me who love and care about Gallaudet.

As you know, the cost to attend college is much more expensive nowadays than it was years ago.Today, four out of every five undergraduates at Gallaudet rely on some form of financial aid in order to pursue their college degrees. Those who achieve their goal of getting an education at Gallaudet go on to do great things that benefit us all.

Private contributions from alumni and friends like you -and myself- are essential to ensuring these deserving students have access to a Gallaudet education. I ask that you give what you can today to help Gallaudet continue to nurture and produce future generations of visionary leaders.


Dr. Glenn B. Anderson, ’68


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