Become part of the lasting legacy of Gallaudet and consider establishing or supporting an endowed fund. Once these funds are fully invested, their interest earnings can be used to provide a permanent source of funding for scholarship assistance and support programs and research.

Gallaudet's permanent endowment fund is currently valued at over $165 million.

Why establish a fund?
Funds can be established in honor or memory of an individual, or named after the founding donor, organization, foundation, or corporation. A memorandum of understanding can be created between the founding donor(s) and the University's president to provide guidance in the distribution of financial assistance from the fund. 

Establishing a Fund
An endowed fund can be established through contributions totaling $25,000 or more over a five-year period. Contributions may be made annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly. Until the fund is endowed, investment earnings are fully reinvested to increase the principal balance. Once the fund is endowed, the increasing value of the fund over time provides for awards without depleting the principal balance.

Distribution of awards
Annually, the Board of Trustees decides the percentage of interest of endowed funds that will be distributed for awards.

Investing funds
Endowment monies are managed separately from the University's general operating funds and are invested in a diversified portfolio of securities designed to earn safe and reasonable annual investment returns. The investment of the endowment fund is managed by private financial service companies that are not affiliated with the University.

Who manages your gift?
Many universities throughout the United States have their endowment funds managed by a finance company that specializes in knowing how funds should be invested to maximize their percentage returns. Gallaudet is currently working with Hammond Associates, an international finance management company.


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