Professor, Dean and author

Memorial:  Oil Portrait by Lester Bertley, presented by the Metropolitan (NY) Chapter of Gallaudet College Alumni Association, July 1, 1957

Irving Fusfield’s acquaintance with Gallaudet College began in 1915 with his admission to the Normal School, Gallaudet’s teacher preparatory program.  He was appointed to the faculty in September 1916 and later became a full professor.  Over the next several decades, he would rise to various leadership positions at the College. 

A graduate of Columbia University (B.S., 1915; M.A., 1917), Fusfield received a B. Ped degree in 1921. In 1939, he became the first dean of Gallaudet College.  His tenure lasted until 1953, when he became vice president and was placed in charge of research on methods of instructing the deaf.  As part of this assignment, he produced a series of popular bulletins.

Fusfield succeeded Edward Allan Fay as editor of the American Annals of the Deaf in 1920 and held the position until 1943.  In 1928, He co-authored with Dr. Rudolph Pinter the Survey of American Schools for the Deaf.

In 1946, Gallaudet awarded him an honorary Doctor of Letters degree. The 1951 Tower Clock was dedicated to him, and in 1956 the Alpha Sigma Pi Fraternity named him Man of the Year.  At the request of the Gallaudet College Alumni Association, the College bestowed on him the title of vice president emeritus in 1973.

After his retirement from Gallaudet College, he served for several years as staff psychologist at the California School for the Deaf in Berkeley.



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